Why I work at HireNexus...

I was introduced to Hire Nexus through the Best Man in my wedding. Man am I glad to listen to him. Not only does this job provide me with the flexibility to pick up my daughter from school, I have learned a ton. During the summer we have BBQs with bags tourneys (which I won). If the office does well as a team, the boss man recognizes it. He takes the team out to a special event, always a good time. I am very laid back person and the office environment here is right up my alley. I have had to wear suits to work and have realized that it does not make me work any harder or act any more professional. I enjoy coming to work every day and am allowed to do my thing. Not too shabby.

About Me

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    Elgin, IL


    • Love my children
    • Enjoy golfing
    • Love to listen to and play music
    • Very competitive at heart but always in good spirit


Our conversation was brief, but Jeremy was friendly and professional. I enjoyed talking with him. Jeremy was consistent and knowledgeable.
Ryan, Sales Rep in the Chicago Area