Why I work at HireNexus...

Work has to be about a few different things; the people, type of work, and ability to make a living. HireNexus is a plus in all three areas. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. The work is fulfilling from the standpoint of helping companies get better by hiring proven professionals and helping candidates further their careers. Thirdly, the owner helps people here be successful in their career by giving us the tools to help us succeed and he’s always looking at ways to help us.

About Me

  • Education:

    Bachelor of General Studies with major in Computer Science, Associate of Data Processing

  • School:

    Roosevelt University, Marion Technical College

  • Hometown:

    Marion, OH


    • Appalachian American
    • Buckeye
    • “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”
    • Responsible


I’m just in the beginning process of working with Tim, but he has been prompt, and responsive to any questions with following up in a timely manner.
Ray Sencenbaugh