Strange coming from a recruiter right? Nursing leaders have always been in demand by employers, some years more than others, but that doesn’t mean you should accept every job offer that comes your way. As a recruiter who reviews hundreds of resumes a week, I commonly see resumes of candidates that change jobs every year to two years. Sure, candidates make job changes

We are pleased to offer cost-effective background screening services to our clients and we are confident that our clients will not find better pricing for criminal background checks, drug screens and other investigation-related services. Below is a list of our most requested services and the price for each service. Criminal Conviction – County Court $16.78 … Continue reading “Background Screening Prices”

HireNexus offers two types of outsourcing services to our clients on an international level. RPO is a major outsourcing project for clients that are looking to streamline and outsource their entire recruiting function. Project Outsourcing is designed for organizations looking to quickly increase staff levels in strategic areas. Both of our outsourcing services can be … Continue reading “Client Outsourcing Services”

When choosing a staffing partner, three key evaluation criteria are crucial: track record, integrity, and process. Client feedback affirms that these three criteria are consistently exhibited at HireNexus. With regard to process, HireNexus’ approach is unique. Perfected during well over a decade, we employ methodical methods noted for rigor, depth and thoroughness. For clients our … Continue reading “Search & Selection Process”

Your resume is your most important calling card in your job search. It should include the following information: Contact Information. Include phone, mail and email contact information. In addition, make sure your voicemail message is professional. A message that is too casual can create a negative impression.   Career Objective. You may choose to list or not … Continue reading “Resume Tips”

HireNexus produces immediate results for your critical needs. Maximizing investment in human capital is a key opportunity for any organization. Contract Staffing allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve this challenge, so that you can get back to focusing on your key strategic initiatives. How Do We Stand Apart? QUALITY: Our global network of recruiters … Continue reading “Contract Staffing Solutions”

HireNexus offers a wide variety of customized background investigation services to clients looking to hire domestic individuals but can also provide tailored background screening solutions for international clients and hires. Criminal Background Check Our Background Investigation service directly accesses county, state, federal, and national electronic record repositories where available. Where such sources are not available, … Continue reading “BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION SERVICES”

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