hireneXus is committed to customer service. The feedback provided by our clients and candidates is the most valuable tool that we can use to determine how we can improve our service. When choosing a staffing partner as a client or a candidate, three key evaluation criteria are crucial: track record, integrity, and process. Your feedback helps us make sure that we are meeting your expectations on all of them.


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Abby Simes

Project Coordinator

Abby Simes Professional Headshot Abby Simes Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2557

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Amy Searles

Accounting & Finance

Amy Searles Professional Headshot Amy Searles Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2544

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Ben Flanders

Account Executive

Ben Flanders Fallback Image Ben Flanders Fallback Image

(847) 429-2549

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Bud Harrison

Senior Partner

Bud Harrison Professional Headshot Bud Harrison Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2546

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Chris Harper

Account Executive

Chris Harper Professional Headshot Chris Harper Alternative Headshot

847) 429-2548

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Eric Grossmann

Vice President

Eric Grossmann Professional Headshot Eric Grossmann Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2545

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Fahim Sutriwala

Director of Research, India Office

Fahim Sutriwala Professional Headshot Fahim Sutriwala Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2550

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Grace Wheaton

Project Coordinator

Grace Wheaton Professional Headshot Grace Wheaton Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2543

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Matt Beck

Account Executive

Matt Beck Professional Headshot Matt Beck Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2547

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Mike Reeves

President & CEO

Mike Reeves Professional Headshot Mike Reeves Alternative Headshot

(847) 737-3206

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Nate Skow

Senior Partner

Nate Skow Professional Headshot Nate Skow Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2556

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Patrick Gara

Account Executive

Patrick Gara Professional Headshot Patrick Gara Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2542

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Peter Wisnieff

Project Coordinator - Manufacturing

Peter Wisnieff Professional Headshot Peter Wisnieff Alternative Headshot

(224) 281-4053

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Stacy Reeves

VP, Human Resources

Stacy Reeves Professional Headshot Stacy Reeves Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2553

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Tim Price

Senior Account Executive - Healthcare

Tim Price Professional Headshot Tim Price Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2551

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