How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make to many important people. People could be searching for you:  After you applied to their job posting; If they are looking to create a new position; If they are simply considering a new partnership.

Take a look over your profile and make sure you are presenting the best version of yourself in the following areas:

  • Use your headline effectively
    Make it easy for your readers to see benefits you deliver, areas you work in, and your specific expertise. The headline can be used more effectively than just your latest position’s job title.
  • Get the best photograph
    Spend the time and money to get a professional head shot taken. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Include a summary
    Your reader wants to quickly see your experience and this might be the only part of your profile that they read. Make every word count.
  • Make it easy to connect with you
    The summary is an ideal place for you to share contact information so that people are able to contact you even if they are not connected with you on the platform. Making it easy will ensure you do not miss out on an opportunity.
  • Select the most appropriate skills
    The most powerful way to showcase your skills is to have connections endorse you. You will want to group similar skills together so it is easy for employers to see your expertise.

About the Author

Amy-Searles4Amy Searles has over 5 years of sales and recruiting experience. Prior to joining hireneXus she was the Associate Director of Admissions for a large, private college and a highly successful outside sales rep for a marketing company. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.