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Director of Sales and Support

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Sales & Business Development

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Atlanta, Georgia

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$150,000 - $180,000

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Director of Sales and Support

Our client is the ‘go to’ company for low-mid market entrepreneurs to achieve sustained growth and increase enterprise value without needing to sell majority interest. We take a hands-on approach to growing and scaling small businesses in the $3-30M range by doing majority work for a minority stake. Our proven approach, using our proprietary value acceleration method, delivers incredible results for our portfolio companies. Currently, our portfolio is focused on founder-led businesses across the e-learning, SaaS and service-based internet space.

We believe great people are at the center of every successful business. Employees are provided a full suite of benefits, including competitive compensation, healthcare, unlimited paid time off, 401(k) with employer match, and a fully remote working environment.


As we continue to grow our portfolio of investment opportunities, they are seeking a DIRECTOR OF SALES to support both the strategic and tactical needs of our portfolio companies. This is a critical hire for the company, as this role will be accountable for helping to deliver on our portfolio companies’ revenue growth objectives. This position will require someone who understands how to navigate a start-up environment, work with CEOs & founders, build relationships and maintain consistency across multiple brands.

The Director of Sales plays a key role in the success of an organization. They must possess the skills and experience to not only advise our portfolio companies but to also identify tactical issues, course correct and communicate feedback effectively to the portfolio company leaders.

The Director of Sales will adopt the overall goals and prioritized plan, agreed upon by the Pod Leadership Team and its respective Portfolio Companies, and drive those results. The Director plays a pivotal role in planning, recruiting, and directing the portfolio company sales managers and their teams to achieve sales targets and ultimately drive revenue for the organization.

The Director will assist in setting sales goals & quotas, build sales plans, analyze data, conduct training with sales managers (and their teams as bandwidth allows), mentor the key sales stakeholders of each portfolio company, and assist in the decision making process of hiring/structuring sales teams.


  • Helping Portfolio Company Sales Managers motivate their team members is one of the most important duties of a Director of Sales. They must help sales teams function as a single unit working toward a common objective.
  • Review set calls and sales calls to determine where reps could improve. Communicate feedback to Portfolio Sales Managers in an organized and articulate manner.
  • Review the call reviews performed by Portfolio Sales Managers to provide guidance on how they can more effectively give feedback to their teams.
  • Develop clear incentive schemas for each portfolio company to encourage sales teams to deliver their level best and create healthy competition.
  • Monitor portfolio companies’ sales team metrics and communicate progress on them with our executive team. Make sure each one is performing according to plan and assist in troubleshooting and making suggestions to reach goals.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Marketing on specific portfolio companies to ensure congruence between the Marketing and Sales of each organization.
  • Assist in forecasting hiring needs of each portfolio sales department. The Director is responsible for collaborating with our Director of People to ensure we are placing appropriate talent in each Portfolio company as well as onboarding, and training new sales reps properly.
  • Maintain a deep understanding of partner needs and be as responsive as possible to requests


  • Each Sales Manager is performing at (if not above) standard in managing their portfolio team
  • Company values and culture are maintained and reflected in all partner interactions
  • Call reviews are done for each portfolio company on a minimum of a monthly basis to ensure quality of execution
    • 1 Team meeting/boiler room
    • 2 Close calls (or 1 set and 1 close)
  • Reviews of each portfolio company sales team training/meetings are conducted on a monthly basis to ensure quality of leadership
  • Sales metrics across portfolio companies are measured, monitored & optimized to improve COA.
  • Sales team compensation structures are built out in collaboration with the Portfolio CEOs and are presented to POP prior to suggesting for implementation
  • Proper refund, clawback and CB policies are created for each portfolio company
  • Each portfolio company implements proper Sales Team Cadence based on size
    • Weekly Meeting
    • Boiler Room
    • 1-1s
    • Gametape Review


  • 5+ years experience managing B2B sales team
  • Highly preferred: Experience selling and managing B2B service
  • Experience with high ticket or high transactional sales in the SMB space
  • Able to shift between sales “strategy” and hands in the dirt tactics (e.g., overcoming objections, follow up sequences, scripting)
  • Experience with multiple sales “styles” (e.g., consultative, rational/logical, emotional, product-oriented)
  • Track record of exceptional sales ability
  • Exceptional sales coaching skills with the ability to influence behavioral change
  • Experience overseeing sales technology implementation to streamline sales pipeline
  • Able to adapt to changes quickly
  • Excellent internal and external communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Able to understand and analyze metrics
  • Ability to develop sales compensation plans
  • Self-directed
  • Exceptional time management skills


Portfolio Operating Partner


  • We use Slack – it is the go to for any communications
  • We value over-communication (more context the better)
  • We value speed in communication (be prompt in responding or provide context as to why you may be slow to respond)
  • Weekly Full Team Meetings
  • Daily check-ins with Portfolio Operating Partner
  • Regular at-hoc meetings with portfolio company teams

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