Logistics, Shipping & Warehouse Manager

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    Supply Chain
  • Salary:

    $75,000.00 - $95,000.00

Job Description

Logistics, Shipping & Warehouse Mgr.


Manager: VP of Operations


Role Purpose:

The Logistics, Shipping and Warehouse Manager essentially oversees the shipping and delivery of materials and logistics and warehouse personnel. They mainly work in warehouse settings and for retailers and wholesalers and are involved in managing the loading of trucks, setting up delivery routes and unloading of material. They manage inventory and maintain communications with carriers, suppliers, warehouses, custom brokers and others involved in the shipping and delivery of merchandise. They are responsible for the effective and efficient management of transportation and documentation of all materials entering and leaving the company facilities and the on time, safe, and damage free delivery of goods to customers.


Key Responsibilities

  • The Logistics, Shipping & Warehouse Manager must attend to many tasks to ensure that goods are shipped and delivered in a timely manner and that inventory levels are sufficiently maintained.
  • Oversees the transportation of products from one location to another both internal within the facility and external to customers and other company facilities.
  • Arranges product pickups and deliveries with transportation companies and route drivers accordingly.
  • Conducts on-going Logistic expenses cost analysis geared at evaluating transportation companies in order to select ones that are cost-efficient and able to handle the shipment loads.
  • Communicates with trucking companies, production supervisors, warehouse employees, customs brokers, sales forces and customers.
  • Ensures that all parties are working together to guarantee that shipments are packed, sent and delivered in a timely manner, including contacting various transportation companies to get shipping quotes and deciding on the best carriers based on cost, availability and reliability.
  • Ensures that all parties are working together to effectively receive shipments coming into the organization and get routed to the proper location for manufacturing use or product evaluation.
  • Studies client or customer needs and manage inventory based on these needs, including analysis of product orders to research the need for keeping certain items in stock.
  • Responsible for the re-ordering supplies and packaging materials as needed to maintain sufficient inventory levels.

Preferred Education, Skills, & Experience

  • 5 to 7 years of logistics experience with increasing responsibility and leadership
  • 4 year degree in Supply Chain Logistics or related field
  • Strong verbal and written communication, analytical, organizational and customer service focus
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and to be detail-oriented
  • Team player that can motivate and manage various individuals to work together to achieve the same goal
  • Proven understanding of planning, shipping, warehouse management and inventory systems
  • Ability to manage daily routes/schedules of shipments and deliveries and tracking of shipments
  • Demonstrated knowledge all aspects of warehouse operations with proven ability to review inventory needs and keeping adequate stock
  • Have a Class A drivers license
  • Possess forklift certification and able to train others on forklift operations
  • Strong demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to leverage data to provide analysis and recommendations for functional improvement

Key Working Relationships

  • Works closely with Manufacturing, Customer Service, Accounting, Sales, Quality, Engineering and Customers
  • Reports directly to the VP of Operations
  • Key partners are the QA Manager, Customer Svc. Manager, Manufacturing Mgr. and Credit/Collections

Decision Authority and Impact

  • Decisions made by this manager directly impact the ability to deliver goods to customers on time and undamaged
  • Decisions also significantly impact the overall cost structure and goals of the manufacturing team

Work Environment

  • The work environment for this role is primarily manufacturing and warehouse, with some office.
  • Typical physical requirements include standing, sitting, lifting (up to 25 pounds), bending, walking.
  • Typical equipment used includes but is not limited to PC functions, forklift, hand truck.
  • Requires frequent contact and negotiation with vendors and customers.