Process Engineer - Chemical Etching

  • 51202
  • 07 Jan 2019
  • Chicago, IL
  • Manufacturing
  • $70,000 - $80,000
  • Scott Heimberg

Job Description

Process Engineer - Chemical Etching

The Process Engineer is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of chemical processes used to produce printed circuit boards. This includes application engineering of processes developed by suppliers that are planned for use at client, installation of these processes and or equipment, establishment of operating conditions to produce the client's product, daily monitoring of process conditions, and performing failure mode effect analysis to determine failure points of the process. Will be working in a chemical environment and exposed to potentially hazardous chemistries while performing daily job duties. Will undergo Chemical Handling training prior to the start of performing these duties and will actively participate in ongoing hazardous waste and chemical handling training.


  • Research availability of chemical processes to meet technology needs
  • Write a project plan for process implementation
  • Implement process and perform failure mode effect analysis to establish correct operating conditions
  • Write all necessary procedures and instructions for process operation, maintenance and safety
  • Monitor process operation on a daily basis to assure consistency
  • Perform failure analysis and root cause analysis when product/process problems occur
  • Perform chemical analyses on the processes when required
  • Responsibilities may include any of the following PCB finishes, plating, etching, electroless copper, cleaning processes and protective applications
  • Follow all safety measures when handling chemicals and hazardous waste with regard to use, mixing and disposing chemicals

Essential Knowledge and Skills:

  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English to the degree necessary to perform the job
  • Knowledge and application of statistical techniques for process control
  • Knowledge and application of failure mode effect analysis techniques as applied to both process development and process improvement
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds without straining

Education and Experience:

  • 3- 5 years experience in wet process engineering responsibility for printed circuit board manufacturing and/or related field or experience.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering or related science
  • Must have a general knowledge of methods used to training people in the operation and theory of the processes they operate
  • Due to ITAR requirements, candidate must be a US citizen

Scott was very great to work with. I always knew where I stood in the process, had great response time with him and was a great person just to talk to and bounce ideas off of. I highly recommend him and feel as if I made a great friend in the process.
Christina Keller