Regional General Manager

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  • 03 Sep 2019
  • Schaumburg, IL
  • Other Industries
  • $175 - $225
  • Nate Skow

Job Description

Regional General Manager

I am working with a nationally recognized B2B service provider that is seeking a Regional General Manager. This person will oversee all aspects of the business operations in the appointed region. This will include: route delivery operations, new business generation (in conjunction with the Company’s Director of Sales), customer satisfaction and regional growth and administration. Executive Committee member setting the Company’s strategic vision, financial goals and operational priorities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


1) Regional Leader 

  1. Overall executive responsibility for all aspects of business in the region.

  2. Communicate and execute the Company’s strategy in the region.

  3. Direct the region’s activities to effectively and efficiently accomplish the region’s and Company’s objectives. Establish plans and budgets, measure results, allocate resources, assign accountabilities, review progress and make mid-course corrections as necessary to insure goals are achieved.

  4. Act as liaison between customers, vendors, regional personnel and corporate personnel.

  5. Communicate in a timely manner to the CEO any important regional developments that could impact the Company. 

2) Customer Service and Delivery 

  1. Oversee all regional production/fulfillment

  2. Establish and maintain customer goodwill by providing high quality products and service and targeting 100% delivery each day on each route.

  3. Handle service problems expediently and with the best interests of both the customer and the business in mind. Eliminate “root cause” of service problems wherever possible.

  4. Closely manage any request by a customer to cancel service to see if there is a reasonable basis to maintain the business or if there is a systemic problem to be corrected.

  5. Maintain an efficient route structure, minimizing each driver’s working time and mileage, in conjunction with the Company’s Director of Operations to include periodic reviews for optimization. Insure route sequence data is maintained on a timely basis in the Company’s information system.

  6. Oversee the upkeep, maintenance and regular cleaning of all facilities in the region.

  7. Oversee the maintenance of an adequate and accurate inventory of rental and sales equipment in all regional locations and interface with headquarters personnel to insure supply replenishment on a proactive and cost-effective basis.

  8. Insure that inventory replenishment from the regional center to the various satellite locations in the region is done efficiently and cost effectively.

  9. Oversee the proper appearance, maintenance and care of all Company vehicles. 

3) Administration

  1. Work with the Company’s CFO to develop an annual budget for the region and then work to meet or exceed that budget.

  2. Monitor hours worked, overtime pay, productivity, quality, route structure, new and lost business, workers compensation claims, accidents, policies and procedures, etc.

  3. Oversee adherence to Company cash collection and deposit, accounts receivable collection and accident and injury reporting policies.

  4. Oversee operational expenses of the area to insure fiscal prudence.

Assist with overall Company improvement activities as directed by CEO

Requirements: Valid driver’s license. Must be willing to travel extensively. Demonstrated knowledge of computer software applications to include spreadsheets and word processing.



    1. Strong oral, written and listening communication skills and a commitment to communicate actively with subordinates, peers and the CEO.

    2. Ability to develop the skills and competencies of subordinates through training, development and motivational activities.

    3. Possess leadership skills in order to lead a team, hire, fire and totally manage the daily operations of the assigned region.

    4. Demonstrate executive skills, high integrity and honesty by developing an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, meeting commitments and operating in compliance with Company policies and procedures.

    5. Possess a strong sense of customer service and satisfaction.

    6. Possess strong business insight, the ability to generate innovative solutions and the ability to analyze data and reports to make mid-course corrections and continuously improve operations.

    7. Ability to make decisions based on logical assumptions and good judgment, including alternative courses of action.

    8. Maintain resilience and stability of performance in challenging situations of high stress and multiple deadlines.

    9. Demonstrate a strong work ethic, including a willingness to work long hours when necessary to achieve Company goals and high work standards as model for subordinate employees.

I was very impressed with Nate’s attention to detail and making sure I had as much information and guidance as possble prior to my phone interview. His comments helped understand the employer’s perspective better.
Bruce, Chief Operating Officer in Kentucky