Why I work at HireNexus...

I was introduced to Hire Nexus through the Best Man in my wedding. Man am I glad to listen to him. Not only does this job provide me with the flexibility to pick up my daughter from school, I have learned a ton. During the summer we have BBQs with bags tourneys (which I won). If the office does well as a team, the boss man recognizes it. He takes the team out to a special event, always a good time. I am very laid back person and the office environment here is right up my alley. I have had to wear suits to work and have realized that it does not make me work any harder or act any more professional. I enjoy coming to work every day and am allowed to do my thing. Not too shabby.

About Me

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    Elgin, IL


    • Love my children
    • Enjoy golfing
    • Love to listen to and play music
    • Very competitive at heart but always in good spirit


Mr. Romero was very professional, informative and polite in our interactions. His follow up was prompt and timely and did not leave room for confusion on the next steps. I would recommend Mr. Romero to anyone searching for a new career with a second thought.
Scott Weber, Account Executive in the Chicago Area