Why I work at HireNexus...

Because my father, Ron Reeves, started the company in 1976 with a goal of creating an organization where hard work and success could be balanced with family. I grew up with having my father as my coach in several sports, and he never missed a big moment in my life due to work. I wanted to the same for myself and my kids. Here at Hirenexus I have an opportunity to create that environment for myself and my team. What could be better?

About Me

  • Education:

    BA Communication

  • School:

    Eastern Illinois University

  • Hometown:

    Elgin, IL


    • Pragmatist
    • Fledgling Mechanic
    • Avid Fisherman


I have known Michael for the past 4 years in various capacities.Mike is brings a variety of attributes to the table on both a personal and professional level. Some of these attributes include:
  1. Extremely professional behavior
  2. Solid Leadership skills
  3. Genuine interest in the people he works with
  4. A vested interest in his employees that goes beyond anything I have seen in the past.
  5. Put a Wall in front of Mike and tell him he can’t go through it, he will not quit whatever the challenge is until he is on the other side.
If you want to work or network with a top performer, Mike will go beyond all expectations.
Nate, Account Executive