Why I work at HireNexus...

I work at  hireneXus because it gives me the chance to meet and talk to people from a wide range of backgrounds on a daily basis. I really enjoy the atmosphere in our office and I find that I learn something new from one of my co-workers every day. Plus, at the end of the day, helping someone find a new career that can provide them with a brighter future is a very rewarding feeling.

About Me

  • Education:

    BA Psychology

  • School:

    Lake Forest College

  • Hometown:

    Elgin, IL


    • Solution Finder
    • Competitor
    • Reader
    • Hockey Enthusiast


I have known Michael for the past 4 years in various capacities.Mike is brings a variety of attributes to the table on both a personal and professional level. Some of these attributes include:
  1. Extremely professional behavior
  2. Solid Leadership skills
  3. Genuine interest in the people he works with
  4. A vested interest in his employees that goes beyond anything I have seen in the past.
  5. Put a Wall in front of Mike and tell him he can’t go through it, he will not quit whatever the challenge is until he is on the other side.
If you want to work or network with a top performer, Mike will go beyond all expectations.
Nate, Account Executive