Why I work at HireNexus...

I work at hireneXus because I love what I do. I really enjoy being apart of the behind the scenes and financial aspects of this business. I also appreciate having the freedom to balance my professional life with my personal life. The people who work here are the key to our success, and being able to work with this great bunch of individuals is definitely key to why I enjoy my job so much.

About Me

  • Education:


  • School:

    Eastern Illinois University

  • Hometown:

    Elgin, IL


    • Nature Lover
    • Practices Yoga
    • Health Food Junkie
    • Pajama Pants Enthusiast


“HireNexus is very pleasant to deal with. No high pressure from them at all. They are very professional and friendly on the phone and want to accommodate us anyway they can. I correspond with them well and they are quick to reply. They told me they had a candidate at first and it was true! I highly recommend working with this firm. It was and still is a pleasure to work with HireNexus. If they don’t have the answer, they get it and call me back. They don’t use just emails but talk on the phone to me. Very personable and likeable. I highly recommend working with HireNexus.”
-Dennis, Director of Human Resources Healthcare System in Southern Wisconsin