Very professional and refreshingly direct!

Having experienced, what seems like, a million recruiters from agencies, I believe I know the jargon, routine, and script like the back of my own hand: Yawn!

However, from my first contact with Leigh Ann Davis through my initial client telephone
interview, I was refreshingly surprised by the direct, friendly, professional manner in which
she approached her clients opportunity, and my hesitancy to pursue the position.

It was Leigh Ann’s patience and willingness to let me call my own shots, that provided me with a period to examine my own interest, and make my decision to examine the client and
opportunity on my own terms. I decided to move forward just because of Leigh Ann’s
approach with me, and learning about her opportunity.

Leigh Ann broke the “recruiting script” and “recruiter jargon” and spoke with me, worked
with me as a professional: even her interview tips were genuine, effective, and spot on.
These were not your typical “off the internet” tips, and Leigh Ann is definitely NOT YOUR

I highly recommend Leigh Ann Davis for anyone in a professional, executive, career
search. You will not be disappointed in her effort.