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hireneXus adds value to our client partners through a deeper understanding of the private equity sector, and builds on those connections through actions based on our core values of performance, consistency, and success. In this, we overcome even the most specialized hiring obstacles. Identifying, assessing, and securing high-level private equity leadership is our business.

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Supporting your targeted growth

Manifesting your hiring initiatives into precise hiring solutions

We help our client firms create teams designed to masterfully navigate the rapidly evolving private equity arenas, maximizing the potential of every investment path they forge.

Our Expertise

Industries we serve

We help our client partners build teams across the applicable verticals of private equity. Over 40 years experience has allowed us to create a process applicable to any industry.

Manufacturing & Operations Icon
Manufacturing & Operations

Process engineering, quality control, chain, procurement, transportation and logistics—we cover the diverse and evolving manufacturing space.

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Information Technology Icon
Information Technology

Never before has the world been more connected. Find the skilled and credentialed professionals to secure your digital presence.

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Accounting and Finance Icon
Accounting and Finance

Sourcing staff accountants to CFOs, the talent we deliver provides the framework for your financial growth.

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Private Equity Icon
Private Equity

hireneXus is highly successful working among private equity and venture capital companies, helping them fill vital roles within their portfolio companies.

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Healthcare Icon

Working at all levels of healthcare, supplying facilities with specialized and proven healthcare talent and leadership.

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Engineering Icon

We work in all areas and at all levels of engineering including electrical, industrial, chemical, mechanical and civil.

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Our Team

Meet the team
at hireneXus

Abby Simes

Project Coordinator

Abby Simes Professional Headshot Abby Simes Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2557

Amy Searles

Accounting & Finance

Amy Searles Professional Headshot Amy Searles Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2544

Ben Flanders

Account Executive

Ben Flanders Fallback Image Ben Flanders Fallback Image

(847) 429-2549

Bud Harrison

Senior Partner

Bud Harrison Professional Headshot Bud Harrison Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2546

Chris Harper

Account Executive

Chris Harper Professional Headshot Chris Harper Alternative Headshot

847) 429-2548

Eric Grossmann

Vice President

Eric Grossmann Professional Headshot Eric Grossmann Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2545

Fahim Sutriwala

Director of Research, India Office

Fahim Sutriwala Professional Headshot Fahim Sutriwala Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2550

Grace Mathew

Project Coordinator

Grace Mathew Professional Headshot Grace Mathew Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2543

KyLeigh Nichols

Account Executive

KyLeigh Nichols Professional Headshot KyLeigh Nichols Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2555

Matt Beck

Account Executive

Matt Beck Professional Headshot Matt Beck Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2547

Mike Reeves

President & CEO

Mike Reeves Professional Headshot Mike Reeves Alternative Headshot

(847) 737-3206

Morgan Reeves

Account Executive

Morgan Reeves Professional Headshot Morgan Reeves Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2554

Nate Skow

Senior Partner

Nate Skow Professional Headshot Nate Skow Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2556

Patrick Gara

Account Executive

Patrick Gara Professional Headshot Patrick Gara Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2542

Stacy Reeves

VP, Human Resources

Stacy Reeves Professional Headshot Stacy Reeves Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2553

Tim Price

Senior Account Executive - Healthcare

Tim Price Professional Headshot Tim Price Alternative Headshot

(847) 429-2551

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