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A dedicated and diverse private equity recruiter

A higher level of private equity executive search

Private equity executive search and recruitment, in general, have faced self-imposed restrictions, excluding viable and effective search tools based on outdated preconceptions and the inability to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape.

At hireneXus, we are setting a different course, an evolved approach to talent acquisition that focuses on the full utilization of every reliable piece of data in an effort to create real-time industry perspectives and the most reliable candidate assessments available. We collaborate with investors to create comprehensive talent management strategies critical to realizing the full potential of your investments and achieving an ideal exit.

A dedicated and diverse private equity recruiter

A long-standing commitment to
private equity

We have over four decades of working within private equity and we understand how pivotal it is that every professional found, assessed and secured through our unique approach to private equity executive search enables the implementation of your investment thesis.

The breadth and depth of portfolios are varied and vast. Our firm has the accounting, finance, engineering, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing and specialized private equity recruiting experience to consistently deliver an impactful and positive hiring experience.

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At hireneXus, we believe that every position presents the opportunity for a perfect match—the culmination of a process utilizing a dedicated and sophisticated network of connections and an ever-evolving stack of technological resources to more effectively and efficiently recognize and capitalize on both passive and active talent markets.

Going over and Beyond

The cutting edge of talent management

Our mastery of the digital landscape and effective usage of digital marketing allows us to achieve the range and precision other firms cannot. We harness the power of every available data point and manifest private equity executive search strategies founded in the future of hiring needs of our areas of focus.

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