Retained Search


Retained Search is a traditional recruiting solution for client organizations that desire an executive partnership. Retained searches require 1/3 of the fee at project initiation, 1/3 at presentation of candidates, and the last 1/3 at search completion. This solution elevates your search and provides a shared-commitment strategy.

With Retained Search we search, identify, and provide qualified candidates with a higher level of commitment from our client companies.

  • Search consultants devote all of their time to filling your position.
  • Search coordinators are assigned to the project through its completion.
  • Screening of candidates either in-person or by video conference is available upon request.
  • Clients are given exclusivity of candidates.

Higher Level of Commitment, Higher Level of Service

Our Retained Search solution provides our clients with a higher level of commitment from our firm and utilizes our nine-step approach. This recruiting solution provides a deeper level of service and a higher level of quality than our other permanent placement solutions.

For our Retained Search we request our client to provide us with detailed position descriptions and a list of desired targeted competitor companies. We will also request a list of any current or previous internal or external activities associated with the search, a timeline, and contact information for the executives involved in the interviewing/hiring process.

Once commitments have been received, our firm will:

  1. Review the description in detail with our clients’ designated managers.
  2. Identify and make a list of additional competitor companies.
  3. Identify names of potential candidates through a combination of internet research, cold calling, and networking/sourcing.
  4. Contact the appropriate prospects utilizing a variety of methods and recruit or source those targeted individuals.
  5. Once interest is generated, we will request a bio from the potential candidate.
  6. We then telephone screen those who most closely meet our clients’ expectations and qualifications.
  7. Once telephone screened, that individual is then passed along to our client.

Custom Solutions – Hourly Retained Search

Our client’s have the option of our Hourly Retained Search at the current charge of $100/hour through project initiation and candidate selection. The remainder of the service charge will be due upon completion of the search. We will perform all of the activities associated with a traditional retained search but on an hourly basis.

Not Sure If This The Right Solution For Your Needs?

Our award-winning process and methodology enables us to develop customized solutions for each of our clients. We can offer a blend of services based upon the specific needs of each position and create a recruiting plan that suits your budget, strategic hiring plans, and staffing needs.