Search & Selection Process

When choosing a staffing partner, three key evaluation criteria are crucial:  track record, integrity, and process. Client feedback affirms that these three criteria are consistently exhibited at hireneXus. With regard to process, hireneXus’ approach is unique. Perfected during well over a decade, we employ methodical processes noted for rigor, depth, and thoroughness. For clients, our process–which employs custom tools–yields objective measures that afford greater insight for assessing candidate fit. For candidates, it produces clarity of purpose, appropriateness, and expectation.

Our Process Consists of Nine Segments & Eighty-One Steps.

With “Engaged” and “Retained” search offerings, this process goes even deeper, using special surveys and behavior profiling tools. These enable the development of more precise search specifications, the revealing of necessary job-related behaviors, and identification of compatibility considerations required of best-fit candidates.

Further, with “Engaged” and “Retained” options, our process draws on the use of competency-specific, behavioral interviewing techniques measured against independent candidate personality assessments. Here, search-specific questions are crafted with the aim to identify actual situations where candidates demonstrated job-required behaviors and competencies in addressing position-specific scenarios, which are scenarios that client surveys identify as being necessary for superior job performance.

In summary, hireneXus’ process leads to more accurate and insightful candidate evaluation.

The nine segments of our process include:

  1. Client needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development.
  2. In-depth candidate research, screening, interviewing, and assessment.
  3. Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation.
  4. Hiring manager interviewing skills training.
  5. Client and candidate interview debriefs.
  6. Confidential reference inquiries.
  7. Counter-offer consulting.
  8. Offer preparation and closing.
  9. Client and new-hire transition coaching.

Our Proven Methodology

Our methodology and philosophy is a large part of what has made hireneXus so successful.