Does Your Interview Process Communicate the Right Message to Candidates? The interview process is crucial for you as the employer and the candidates you’re hoping to attract and possibly hire. After all, this is not just your chance to learn about your applicants. It’s also their opportunity to fall in love with your company culture … Continue reading “Does Your Interview Process Communicate the Right Message to Candidates?”

Performance Tracking of New Hires: The No. 1 Recruitment Metric Employers Track When Assessing a New Hire’s Effectiveness After completing multiple rounds of interviews and presenting a job offer to a promising candidate, the work has in many ways just begun. Now that the new employee is starting at your organization, it’s crucial that you … Continue reading “Performance Tracking of New Hires”

Influencer Spotlight: Transforming your organization by expanding globally with Sandy Ng When companies want to reposition themselves in the marketplace or cultivate new markets, they often discover that large, transformational changes are necessary for their organizations. They may have to revise their business strategy, modify their company structure or initiate changes to their management practices. … Continue reading “Expanding Globally: Transforming your organization with Sandy Ng”

How You Can Use Data To Help Your Change Strategy Succeed Before putting together any plan for organizational change, it’s crucial that you collect data from employees and other key stakeholders. Why? This information can ensure you achieve your organizational goals. Notably, the success rate of positive transformation at businesses is low, according to the … Continue reading “Change Strategy: How You Can Use Data To Help Your Change Strategy Succeed”

BLS Employment Situation Report: February 2019 The past year of economic growth in the U.S. undoubtedly galvanized expectations among the country’s political and business leaders regarding what the early months of 2019 would bring. Although January brought a massive infusion of new jobs among multiple sectors of the American economy – 311,000 positions, according to … Continue reading “BLS Employment Situation Report: February 2019”

Key Employment Trends Poised to Impact Your Business in 2019   The U.S. workforce experienced historic gains in 2018 as more than two million jobs were added, and wage increases began to accelerate, according to the monthly ADP National Employment Report┬« and quarterly Workforce Vitality Report.  The unemployment rate stood at 3.7 percent in November, … Continue reading “Key Employment Trends and Their Impact in 2019”

Video: Setting up the Change Management Process for Success   Imagine this scenario: your company is preparing for organizational change now or in the coming months. Maybe you need to restructure in order to drive greater productivity and revenue. Or perhaps change management is necessary at your firm to complete a large merger or acquisition, … Continue reading “Video: Change Management Process for Success”

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