Attract Strong Candidates by Creating a Desirable Employer Brand  In today’s hiring environment in the U.S., in which unemployment is low, companies need to do everything it takes to attract strong candidates and showcase the organization as a place people want to work. To that effect, it’s crucial that employer branding and visibility are top … Continue reading “Employer Branding and Attracting Strong Candidates”

  It’s 2017. We’re nearly a decade removed from the great recession. The unemployment rate is effectively close to 0%. Yet, I keep talking to qualified individuals who have trouble finding a position. Why? Why does it seem more difficult to find a position now than at much worse times in the recent past of … Continue reading “Job Seeking in a Connected World”

Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make to many important people. People could be searching for you:  After you applied to their job posting; If they are looking to create a new position; If they are simply considering a new partnership. Take a look over your profile and make sure you are presenting … Continue reading “How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile”